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Abundance Bound Founder Miata Edoga

Miata discusses what led her to create Abundance Bound, what sets the program apart from other financial education programs, and the results you can expect.

Our mission

Abundance Bound's Mission is to empower and unite a Movement of Artists—all financially secure and confident—pursuing their passions free from the humbling weight of poverty consciousness.

In providing financial education to actors, artists and creative professionals, Abundance Bound aims to illuminate our community's negative associations with money and translate the once-mystical process of money management into the language and experience of the Artist. All individuals deserve a financial fighting chance, and it is our commitment to employ the most innovative and practical methods to share this knowledge and activate the Artist's creative and financial potential.

We view our work at Abundance Bound as paramount to the survival and growth of the Artist in the new millennium. We vow to approach each student with empathy, humor and respect and to be artful, willful and truthful in delivering this message...

Meet the Abundance Bound Creative Team

President and Founder

  • Actor Exemplar
  • Earth Mother
  • Financial Guru

Miata Edoga

Miata Edoga is an actor and the President and Founder of Abundance Bound.

Years ago, Miata realized that despite several career successes she was not acting consistently enough to make ends meet. She worked countless different jobs and still, at the end of every month, Miata found herself stressed that she wouldn't be able to pay all of her bills. After recognizing that she was going into auditions desperate to land the job—not for the love of the work—but for the necessity of the paycheck, she committed to develop a strong financial knowledge and to actually apply those skills in her own life. Since then, she has built successful side businesses and has invested in real estate and other opportunities. Miata has learned to generate passive income, creating more time to focus on her acting career and, with her husband Adam (see below), has started a production company to produce their own projects. She is the author of Abundance Bound: The Artist's Way to Financial Stability and Independence to be released in the summer of 2009.

Miata has a vision of a community of artists—all financially secure and confident—pursuing their passion free from the crushing weight of financial stress. And for this Earth Mother, world domination is soon to follow thereafter.

AB Head Coach

  • Meisner Prodigy
  • Creative Juggernaut
  • Straw Spinner

Bryan Scott Bellomo

Bryan Scott Bellomo is an actor, director, pragmatist, and student of human behavior. He leads the Abundance Bound coaching team.

No exception to the pitfalls of the financially challenged, Bryan's self-education began when thousands of dollars in hospital and credit card debt forced him into the rat race of the corporate world. He spent years siphoning cash and knowledge to develop solid financial practices across a variety of industries: consulting, law, technology, music, television and entertainment. He then returned to his passions as a champion for artists, unleashing our community's hidden financial fury through empathy, education, and empowerment. Bryan is now active in freelance design, developing financial tools and assisting small businesses with training, conceptual branding and strategy. His templates have been known to make one weep, gasp, or toss coins in ovation. He is a frequent contributor to actor's trade publication Back Stage and has translated money into artglish for hundreds of students across major cities in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Bryan is at this moment manifesting new words to replace "starving artist" in the lexicon. It's a secret how long this will take. (He figures he’ll need about six days.)

Investment Maven

  • Filmmaker
  • British Madcap
  • Asset Tramp

Adam Martin

Adam Martin is a film director and the investment and marketing strategist for Abundance Bound.

Oh, and he went to school for physics and philosophy.

After completing his studies at University, Adam redirected his attention to the "film thing," and traversed across the Atlantic to settle out west. He learned directing from the greatest film school imaginable: over a decade on the job with such notables as John Frankenheimer—George Wallace, Path to War—and Michael Bay—Transformers. He also met his partner in life and business, Miata Edoga (see President and Founder, above). Throughout the course of their financial journey, Adam has cultivated a particular interest and aptitude in investing and now shares his insight and experience with charm, wit, and earl-grey tea. His rapid-fire classes have inspired countless numbers of artists to start the critical process of allowing their money to work for them, breathing life and energy into their creative endeavors.

Adam is married to Miata Edoga (see previous) and lives in Los Angeles with Miata (see beginning of sentence) and their two beautiful children, Kiera and Kyler. He does not appreciate British stereotypes the way Americans do.

Client Relationship

  • Digital Seamstress
  • Professional Rabbit Producer
  • The Wizard of AB

Lisa Englert

Lisa Englert is an entrepreneur and private business owner, and the mysterious cornerstone of client relations at Abundance Bound.

She is the founder of virtualme, inc., an online services firm founded after more than 20 years as an administrative professional. Lisa's corporate experience included stints at the North Carolina Department of Transportation, First Flight Centennial Commission, and BellSouth Corporation. Performing from her secret lair in Cary, North Carolina, she volunteers as vice chair of Wake Technical Community College’s Advisory Committee for Office Systems Technology and serves as a board member for Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel, an historical preservation organization. Lisa is also active in the Triangle Area Sister Cities, having served as vice chair of the Town of Cary's Sister Cities Commission, and as board secretary for Chix in Business, Inc.

Lisa—if that is her real name—might be spotted herb gardening, golfing, wine tasting, watching the Food Network, or reading female detective novels. She remains an integral part of running the daily operations of Abundance Bound, though ironically we have no actual proof of her existence.

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